Easy Launch Boat Wheels is located in Belfair, Washington, on the beautiful Hood Canal. This Pacific Northwest area is the boating capital of the world. There are race boats and row boats, whale boats and sail boats, little boats, big boats, wide boats and skinny boats.

The Easy Launch Wheel System was a concept of John Salvesen in the 1980's. He is an avid boater and saw the need for a device to make it easier to launch his boat. He spent several years designing, testing, re-designing and re-testing his wheel system and then started his company called Beach Buddy Manufacturing, aka Easy Launch, to market the product.

He produced the first set of wheels for market in 1985. They were instantly accepted for their high quality and performance. Today, nearly 5,000 Easy Launch Wheels Systems are being used by delighted customers throughout the world. You can read what some customers have written on the page titled Testimonials.


Easy Launch Boat Wheels may be ordered from any marine dealer. For a list of dealers who have models available for immediate delivery, refer to the Dealers  page. If your favorite dealer does not carry the Easy Launch line of products, have them contact us at (360) 552-2561, or email Maymobilemarine@gmail.com